Poppies From A Tray - Edition 1 coverWelcome to the opening strains of ‘Poppies From A Tray’. Think of it as the deafening mellotron at the start of “Watcher of the Skies”, the curl of feedback that opens “I Feel Fine”, the hiss of the pipes that greets “Mining For Gold”, or whichever opening note takes your fancy.

Comrades, we stand at the beginning of a grand journey, at the start line of absurd ambition. Our goal? To produce a quarterly book of far ranging interviews, none of them constricted by the usual boundaries of design and capacity.

Using the infinite inventory of the quarterly ebook format, our interviews will extend for as long as they hold our interest, or until our victims lose patience and throw us through a window – we travel with a team of paramedics at all times.

Read on and please, spread the word. You are our advertising budget. Spend it wisely.

Words – Dave Bowler
Ebook/websiteSam Slater